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Hardware / Peripheral Partner

Our hardware/peripheral partners provide critical technology pieces to help round out the Axiomtek system platform. The Axiomtek system is designed with robust expansion capabilities and rich I/O features that enables the developer to customize for scalability and flexibility. We also design and manufacture tailored COTS which delivers to our customers’ end-to-end solutions that best suit their needs. With the partner and the Axiomtek team, we ensure that we meet even the toughest of demands while remaining price competitive.


Our partners benefits from our network of professionals and other resources in various industries including transportation, surveillance, power utility and renewable energy, automation, IoT, medical, gaming, digital signage, retail/POS/kiosks, education and more. The possibilities to collaborate on a variety of projects are limitless. 


Join us today by filling out and submitting the application form. Contact us at with any questions.

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