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Axiomtek's Embedded Boards and QNX's Software Platforms - Smart, Synergistic Approach to Enterprise Mobile Application Development

Axiomtek’s partnership with Blackberry/QNX provides peace of mind and a high level of support to our prospects and customers who trust us for our embedded boards' quality and flexibility– and also the high dependability and innovative features of the QNX software platforms. Axiomtek’s embedded boards and System-on-modules, including the 6th/7th Generation Intel® Core™ Processors mini-ITX form factor, the MANO500 and the SCM120 SMARC™V1.0  - with the ultra-low power consumption ARM Cortex™-A9 processor - have been tested and deployed for projects using QNX SDP 7.0, 6.6 and 6.5 Board Support Packages (BSPs).

Our customers who have chosen Axiomtek’s board and SOMs, and QNX’s software development platform, can take advantage of the BSP’s developer-friendly features and versatility - with a choice of 3 BSP packages including Neutrino Real Time Operating System (RTOS); Windows Operating Systems (OS); or Linux OS. They can enjoy the convenient and guaranteed ease of development and deployment using Axiomtek’s QNX-supported boards and SOM as well as our proven capabilities and experience with the QNX platform. Axiomtek’s local engineering teams and global resources have helped our customers develop their applications with Axiomtek’s high quality products and QNX’s reliable software. Our key differentiator is our ability to offer unparalleled, personalized, expert support to our customers with any project size and complexity.

To download Axiomtek's SCM120 or MANO500 Board Support Package - or to learn more about Axiomtek's QNX solutions,
email us at or call 1-888-GO-AXIOM (1-888-462-9466)
Featured Axiomtek Embedded Boards with QNX Board Support Packages

Axiomtek’s SCM120-120-EVK SMARC v1.0 SoM has been selected, in conjunction with QNX SDP 7.0 and 6.6, to control operations, capture and transfer data, and provide real-time analytics for use in warehouse robotics, medical devices and other automated systems in a variety of industries.

Key features:

  • Ultra low power consumption Cortex™-A9

  • SMARC form factor (82 x 50 mm) SoM

  • 2 CAN 2.0B

  • 24-bit TTL signal

  • LVDS/HDMI 1080P

  • 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet

  • Linux3.0.35/Android 4.3

  • Audio

Our MANO500 Mini-ITX SBC with QNX SDP 6.5 has also been integrated for use in a

variety of industries including aero technology and food technology.

Key features:

  • LGA1151 socket 7th/6th Generation Intel® Core™ i7/i5/i3, Pentium® or Celeron®

       processors (Skylake/Kaby Lake)

  • Intel® chipset H110/Q170

  • 2 DDR4-2133 Long-DIMM, up to 32GB

  • 1 PCIe x16 slot

  • 1 PCI Express Mini Card slot and 1 SIM card slot

  • 3 SATA-600 and 1 mSATA

  • 4 USB 3.0 and 4 USB 2.0 ports

Axiomtek’s boards are QNX Neutrino-friendly. They have been deployed with the latest QNX SDPs using the related BSP package.

A typical QNX BSP includes*:

  • Initial Program Loader (IPL) — minimally configures the hardware to create an environment that will allow the startup program, and consequently the microkernel, to run.

  • Startup — its purpose is to copy and decompress the image, if necessary, configure hardware, determine system configuration, and start the kernel.

  • Default build file — specifies any file and commands to include in the image, the startup order for the executables, the loading options for the files and executables, as well as the command-line arguments and environment variables for the executables.

  • Networking support

  • Board-specific device drivers, system managers, utilities, etc.



  • Proven capabilities and experience with QNX platforms

  • High quality, customizable embedded boards and SOMs

  • Personalized, expert support

  • Global engineering and R&D resources

  • QNX SDP-experienced local engineering design services teams on both Coasts of the United States

  • Wide range of customization and design capabilities per request

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